Helping Out A Charity With A Car Donation

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Helping Out A Charity With A Car Donation

21 November 2022
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Donating to a Veteran's charity is an excellent way to help them offer services to people that need them. There are many ways to help these groups, and a car donation to a veteran charity is often a good option. 

Car Donations

A car donation for veteran charity organizations can be helpful. In most cases, the charity will take cars that are running and ones that are not. The running vehicles are often sold at auction to raise money. The ones that aren't running go to a scrap yard, where they will pay for the scrap metal in them. 

The charity will give you a receipt for the car so you can claim it on your taxes at the end of the year. However, the amount is typically capped at a few hundred dollars unless you donate an expensive vehicle, like a van that can use for transporting vets to places like medical appointments or other errands that they need to do. 

The best place to start with any car donation for veteran charity groups is to call and discuss what you have and if they can use it. Most organizations will take what you want to give, but they must have the resources to deal with the vehicle, or you could be adding some burden.

Running Vehicles

A van or car in great shape can be helpful in many ways, but you must realize many vehicles donated to charities get sold to raise capital. While the vehicle may be running and driving perfectly, the cost of registering, insuring, and maintaining it may be more than the charity group has the resource to deal with.

 If they can use the vehicle, a car donation for a veteran charity is often a huge bonus for them. Often the vehicle may be used to deliver meals to shut-in vets or take them places. It can also be useful for bringing volunteers to the vets that need assistance and maybe even set up a medical services nursing service that will go to the veteran's home and look in on them every week. 

The potential benefit is unimaginable for many small charities with minimal resources or funds coming in to help them.

Scrap Cars

Many charities will take scrap cars as donations because recyclers will buy scrap metal from them. While it may seem like a little thing for many people, donating a car can provide more than money. It can provide resources that go beyond monetary value. Car donations for veteran charity organizations often do not go directly to the charity. They will most likely have a scrap yard or salvage operator donating their time to pick up the cars on their behalf. 

Most charities will give you a tax receipt for the scrap car, and while it may not be much, it can be deducted from your taxes and save you a little money at the end of the year. 

Reach out to a company like Cars 2 Charities to learn more.