Guidelines For Purchasing Used Freightliner Trucks

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Guidelines For Purchasing Used Freightliner Trucks

11 October 2017
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When you make your living on the road, it's absolutely necessary that you reach out to a dealership that can sell you the best truck to get the job done. Buying used freightliner trucks is a matter of putting in the work and research, while also honing in on your price and preferences. By taking the time to use these tips below, you're only a few steps away from being the owner of a Freightliner semi truck that will power your entire career:

Give any potential semi truck a thorough inspection and history check

Once you're ready to spread out your search and begin kicking the tires on some trucks, it's important to settle for nothing less than quality. While the truck doesn't have to be perfect, you owe it to yourself to look into the engine history and to get an idea of how well it was maintained. You shouldn't buy any used truck unless you have documented maintenance history that can be backed up and proven. Bring in a repair contractor to inspect parts like the suspension, engine, transmission, wiring, and fluids. By putting in this work, you'll be better able to put faith in the purchase of your used Freightliner truck.

Figure out what sort of truck you need and want

Since you'll be spending hours in this truck in your travels, you'll need to figure out which is best. Think about the comfort of the cab and focus on some features that'll make the truck a joy to own. You should also look into specifications, like the safety rating, horsepower, towing capacity, torque and engine type. Look into some reviews from other professional truck drivers, so that you know which years, makes and models are best for your needs. This will put you ahead of the game in your search. 

Start shopping for some prices

The price that you pay for your used Freightliner will be a huge deciding factor. Since you are purchasing a used truck, you should be able to find some significant deals that won't break your budget. You should have no problem buying a 7-year-old truck for somewhere between $30,000 and $40,000. The more dealerships you talk to, the easier it will be to find the price that is most affordable to you.

With these tips, you should be able to get all that you need out of buying used Freightliner trucks. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.