Make Preparations In Case Your Car Quits Operating While On A Roadway

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Make Preparations In Case Your Car Quits Operating While On A Roadway

18 October 2017
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If you own a vintage muscle car that has a few, minor mechanical problems and have decided to restore the vehicle and drive it to a neighboring town to have the work completed by a well-known mechanic, the prospect of breaking down alongside the road may be nagging you prior to the road trip. Get ready for the drive by making preparations in case your car quits operating with the following basic strategies.

Use A Map To Plan The Route You Will Be Driving

If the most direct route to the mechanic's business is via a highway or busy road, it may be tempting to follow the route but it could be a disadvantage to drive your vehicle at a high rate of speed because of the mechanical problems that are present. For example, if your car overheats on occasion, driving at a fast speed may overwork the car's engine resulting in smoke billowing from the vehicle's hood, requiring you to pull over.

Look over a map and decide upon a route that involves driving down lesser traveled roads that have a lower speed limit than the other roads. Of course, you will want to drive down a road that has some businesses along it so that you won't be out in the middle of nowhere in case your vehicle breaks down and your cellphone is not receiving service. 

Pack An Emergency Kit And Ask A Friend To Follow In Their Own Car

Fill a box with items that would come in handy in the event that your car begins to handle poorly on the roadway. A jug of coolant or water can be added to the radiator if needed and a can of compressed air will be helpful if your vehicle has a tire that slowly leaks.

Before heading out on the road, ask a close friend to follow you in their own car. Your friend can keep a safe distance behind you as they follow you down the road. Not only can your friend provide you with a lift if your car happens to break down, they will also be able to bring you home after your car is safely dropped off to the mechanic who you have hired. 

Acquire The Number Of A Tow Truck Service And Set Up Flares If Needed

Acquire the number of a reputable tow truck service and place it inside of your vehicle's glove compartment or your wallet. Charge your cell phone before leaving your home. Pack a set of flares that can be used to alert other drivers if your vehicle breaks down while en route to the mechanic's address. If you do happen to break down, call the tow company and a driver will be dispatched to your location. A driver will haul your car to the mechanic's and will also provide you with a ride. 

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