Tiny Problems To Be Leery Of With A Used Sleeper Camper

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Tiny Problems To Be Leery Of With A Used Sleeper Camper

24 October 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

How convenient it is to have your sleeping quarters right behind you when you are out on the road. This exact thought is why sleeper campers are still one of the most popular camper styles today. These campers, which are also sometimes referred to as trekkers or travel trailers, are small and compact enough that they're not a lot to haul, but they're also big enough to give you comfortable sleeping space and a little storage. Buying one of these sleeper campers used is a good way to get your hands on what you want, but buying used should also come with careful consideration. Even tiny problems in these small-stature campers can be big woes for the owner.

Tiny Moisture Issues

Sleeper campers are designed to be water-tight structures, but some of the older models do have issues with moisture simply because of natural breakdown and corrosion of the structural materials. If you spot a used sleeper camper that has a tiny water leak, you may assume it is not that big of a deal, but a small moisture problem will likely lead to bigger problems with leaks down the road as the structure continues to break down.

Tiny Frame Issues

When you look at a used camper, make sure you are getting a good look at its overall shape. Be especially mindful of any areas in the shell that seem off-kilter with the rest of the unit. If the overall frame of the sleeper camper is off, it probably means the unit has been involved in an accident and repaired at some point. While professional repairs usually fare well, DIY work on these campers can leave points of vulnerability in the frame. This can mean the camper will be easier to damage, may not stand up to road travel, and may even spring a few leaks. 

Tiny Trailing Issues

You may not consider asking the owner of a used sleeper camper if you can take it for a spin, but you really should before you buy it. While pulling the camper, you should be watching to ensure it is rolling along behind your vehicle in a perfectly straight and uniform fashion. These campers are essentially built upon trailers. If there is damage to the trailer or the trailer axle, the sleeper camper will not trail behind you straight, and it may even cause the structure to wobble. These issues can be really difficult to repair without a major investment.