3 Ways To Stay Safe When You Need Towing Service As A Motorcycle Rider

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3 Ways To Stay Safe When You Need Towing Service As A Motorcycle Rider

12 September 2018
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As a motorcycle rider, you need to make sure that you know how to stay safe if you ever need to call for a tow truck. It is helpful to know how to stay safe before you ever need a tow truck to come and help you.

#1 Pack the Right Safety Gear

Just like you should carry an emergency kit in your car, you should have one with you at all times for your motorcycle, as well. Your motorcycle emergency kit does not have to be really big. Your emergency kit should help keep you and your bike visible and protected.

Your emergency kits should include a few flares that you can put around your motorcycle to make it visible. It should include a high visibility vest to ensure that people on the road can see you. It is also a good idea to keep a poncho in your emergency kit so you can keep dry as well.

#2 Pull Over Slowly

If your motorcycle breaks down or malfunctions when you are riding, you need to slow down slowly. Try to stay calm, and slowly reduce your speed. As you reduce your speed, look for a safe place to pull over. If there is traffic around, be sure to put on your hazards so that other drivers know that you are going to be slowing down.

#3 Find a Safe Place

As you pull your motorcycle over, try to find a safe place to park your vehicle. The larger the shoulder or area to pull over, the better. As a motorcyclist, you are exposed to other drivers and are more vulnerable to being hit by other drivers. If you can pull over on an access road or into a parking lot, that is often the best course of action. You want to find a place to pull over that is as far away from high-speed traffic as you can get. You want to make sure that you are safe while waiting for help.

#4 Make Yourself Visible

Once you pull over, put on your high visibility vest. Turn on your hazard lights, and light the flares and put them around your vehicle. Then, call for help with your bike. If you are not able to park your bike away from high speed traffic, move yourself as far as you can from the high speed traffic in order to stay safe before calling for a vehicle transport service. Try to describe to the tow truck as accurately as possible where you are located so that they can get to you and assist you. Be sure to let them know that you have a motorcycle so that they can send the right equipment.