Did Your Daughter Just Get Hired As An ER Nurse? 3 Tips To Help Her Stay Safe Driving To Her Late Night Shifts

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Did Your Daughter Just Get Hired As An ER Nurse? 3 Tips To Help Her Stay Safe Driving To Her Late Night Shifts

2 August 2019
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Emergencies don't wait for daylight—and your daughter is likely prepared to pay her dues with more than a few overnight positions as a nurse. While you can be proud of your daughter's noble profession, you may also be more than a little worried about her driving to and from work late at night. After all, anything can happen, and your daughter may be driving an older car that is prone to problems while she's saving up for a better vehicle. You can use these tips to keep your daughter safe at night when she's on the late shift.

Encourage Her to Keep Up With Car Maintenance

Many routine car issues begin when a person slacks on maintenance. For instance, running out of oil or water is a sure-fire way for your daughter to wind up having to call for a tow or roadside assistance. Make sure to show your daughter how to check the fluid levels in her car, and encourage her to set maintenance appointments up ahead of time so that she can be reminded by her calendar. You should also emphasize safety features that take on greater priority at night. For instance, having clear headlights helps to prevent a late-night accident on the road.

Help Her Keep Her Phone Charged

Your daughter's phone is one of her biggest assets in case of a roadside emergency. However, she may find that her phone's battery runs low when she doesn't have time at work to put it on the charger. Give your daughter a phone cable to keep in her car, and consider giving her a portable charger that she can use in emergency situations. Then, instruct her to call for a tow immediately after she realizes that she needs one. Once one is on the way, then she should also call someone she knows to let them know where she is and what is happening. 

Identify Safe Places to Wait for Help on Her Route

Drivers for 24-hour towing services work hard to aid people as fast as possible. However, your daughter may still need to wait somewhere for a few minutes until the tow truck arrives. Ask your daughter to look for safe places where she can pull off the road during a late-night emergency and wait safely. For instance, she may be able to pull off into a nearby parking lot where she can wait with other people nearby. Knowing where she is safest beforehand makes it easier for her to quickly find a safe location when time is of the essence.

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